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Foster Update

Foster Update for the last 12 months.

Hi to everyone.

Its been a very busy 12 months for your fostering team so I thought it would be good to remind you what we have been doing and to see if anyone would like to join the team to help us to help you. Currently as Chair I am involved in a great many activities ranging from pushing our cause at the House of Commons to management meetings with the Head of Service for Fostering and am about to start with the new Head of the Childrens Service and with Sarah who has replaced Julie M-W. I also attend on your behalf

  • the Corporate Parenting Board meetings.
  • Training management meetings as well as the carers training working groups,
  • I go to the recruitment and retention meetings,
  • Tier alignment and short break group,
  • LADO process groups,
  • Recruitment functions to welcome new carers and normally try and get around the support groups, although with our house move and then trapping a nerve, I have missed a few.
  • I have been involved in the savings policy review and in helping to sort out the mess we preciously had.
  • At the beginning of the year we had a number of carers who were unhappy with the service and had to work on people’s behalf to sort out some of these issues. In all with reports and preparation time I think we devote 2 + days a week to support carers. We are all volunteers so do not get paid. However, its rewarding and we are making a difference.

The LADO team of Matt, Jocelyn and Dawn are nearly ready to support you should a complaint occur, and the savings policy change has been welcomed by everyone. The mens group in Bury under Garry is going from Strength to strength and Nick in Lowestoft is supporting the chaps there. On the short breaks review Lauri has done much work and I think we have found a solution acceptable to Robina that will keep everyone happy. Jan, Marion and Nigel are supporting the training working group and Anna when she is not in Australia has provided me with much appreciated guidance and support.

Our web site has been revamped and Julie is now helping to keep it up to date. So well done to everyone for helping. To do more we need additional help. It would be good to have a vice chair to help in the Ipswich area and from the East so if you can spare some time please contact me on or via our web site. We have our AGM on the 15 April so please let me know by the 6th if you would like to help or become an officer as I need to prepare by then. We would like to have our annual conference in the Autumn this year and I will need help for that, and It would be good to hear what you would like the Association to help with over the next 12 months.

If you do help it does count for your tier alignment progress and you can claim expenses, more importantly you will meet and help carers and feel the reward of being involved.

Thank you

Michael Southin

Chair Suffolk Foster Care Association.